Laser Welding / Mold Repair

We have been a pioneer in laser welding for the repair of dies and molds ever

since we acquired a Trumpf PowerWelder 8 years ago.  Laser welding repair

is what we think of as minimally invasive mold and die surgery and we like to

use this analogy-


Years ago, when they operated on your knee it would sometimes take at least

a year to recuperate, but today arthroscopic surgery requires only a few days

of recuperation.  It's the same with molds & dies, when you Tig weld there are

structural  damage issues. The laser welder eliminates at least 80% of these

issues primarily because of low heat invasion.


The results are quicker turn around times and cost savings. We still use Tig

welding for certain applications but the Laser welder allows us to weld on

textured material structures, lenses, and polished surfaces without residual

heat sink marks.  Also, the Laser can do a very deep rib whereas the Tig requires "hogging" material away in order to get to the area to weld.