Metal to Plastic

The area of metal to plastic conversion is the fastest growning area of mold making and here at Accu-Mold it is a common undertaking. Our engineers and designers are experts at feasability studies, redesign, and cost analysis.


As the properties of composite materials grows the opportunities to replace steel, aluminum, cast iron, and other metals is becoming endless as there are now over 70,000 differerent composite resin alternatives. 


Besides the obvious cost and weight savings, the use of two shot molding to inject different plastics into a single mold for added product performance features is also a driving force behind conversions in flexability and memory applications.  


Some of the more common metal to plastic advantages ...


  • Cost savings
  • Weight savings
  • Corrosion resistantance
  • Increased design options
  • Scrap material waste reduction
  • Structural strength improvement
  • Reduction of secondary operations
  • Noise reduction in machined assemblies
  • Asthetics -product color options and textures