Molding / Tooling / Key Equipment

We are a custom mold shop with the abilty to design and build in high tolerances using Computer Aided Design and Computer aided Machining. Our engineers are experts at reducing project complexity and have secured many patents for our customers to protect the innovation of their products. From micromolds, building mold bases up to 24x36, or thermoplastic molds designed to run in presses up to 500 tons we provide the specialty mold customer with creative solutions. 


       Types of Molds we build:

  • Multi shot                                                   
  • Overmolds
  • Prototypes
  • Family Molds
  • Unscrewing Molds
  • Hot & Cold Runner
  • Low & High Cavitation
  • Rubber Injection Molds (TPE)&(TPV) 


Key Equipment

A fully equipped machine shop with 24/7 "lights out" capabilities. We use

Mastercam Software and have the ability to import many different types 

of files including Solidworks.


Laser/Tig Welding                                            Sinker EDM

Trumpf   HC 124 P                                           Ingersoll Eagle 800 

Trumpf   Workstation                                       Charmilles  RoboForm 20A

Lincoln   Precision Tig                                     Hansvedt  Workman  201


CNC Milling                                                      Wire EDM

Makino A61NX

Mitsubishi  Roku-Roku  hc658                         Mitsubishi  FX-10

HAAS Moldmaker  VM3                                   

HAAS Moldmaker  VF3                                    Grinders                                     

Defiance  VTX1                                                Chevalier (4)  FSG-618M 

                                                                         Okamoto  612-14 

                                                                         Kent Industrial  (wet)

CNC Lathe/maual

Topper  TNL 100A                                           Mills/manual 

Clausing Colchester                                        Bridgeports (7) with readouts