Mold Manufacturing

Accu-Mold’s manufacturing assets are focused on building injection molds. We leverage the accuracy of Makino and Roku Roku milling machines and the Ingersoll Eagle EDM to build injection molds with tight tolerances. Our technology and proprietary processes allow us to build accurately and continuously which increases mold and part quality, reduces mold build leadtime and mold cost.

Each new mold project is assigned a Project Manager for single point of contact.  Our 26 step Product Development Process ensures you are involved as little or as much as you want during the build and final process review.

We are not satisfied with delivering only a mold, with all new mold builds Accu-Mold will sample and ensure the mold produces components in an efficent process.  It takes the guess work out of starting production at your facility.

All molds are 100% guaranteed while running production in our facility.

Let us put our technology to work for you today!

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